Hello, I’m

I can contribute to advancements in healthcare. ''

I can contribute to advancements in healthcare.”

Hello, I’m

I can contribute to advancements in healthcare. ”

Yemisi Leliveld

Associate Consultant Life Sciences and Health

“Catalyze gives me the opportunity to get to know the organisations behind innovative technologies within the life sciences and to help them take a step further on their path to improving healthcare.”
Getting the opportunity to support entrepreneurs within the life sciences towards their path to implementing their innovative technologies and learning a lot from it at the same time. Thát, to me is what Catalyze stands for. You get freedom, responsibility and the opportunity to implement real changes, in the short term for research organizations and start-ups and in the longer term for the world around us.

And that is exactly what I was looking for after my bachelor’s degree in psychobiology and master’s degree in neurobiology. I started at Catalyze as an Analyst, and then quickly made the step to Associate Consultant. From day one, you and your colleagues are running your own projects where you will gain insight into organisations within the biotech industry. In the role of Innovation Consultant, you will learn within a short timeframe how the biotech landscape looks like and which stakeholders are involved. This is very educational, especially if you – like me – are fresh from university.

From day one, you and your colleagues are running your own projects ... ''

From day one, you and your colleagues are running your own projects ... ''

In my role as an Associate Consultant in Life Sciences and Health, I assist companies and university research groups in formulating their grant applications. We often observe a disconnect between scientists seeking to convey their innovative ideas for funding and the language used by subsidy providers and potential investors. Catalyze excels at translating the scientist’s story into a clear and compelling narrative, thus building a crucial bridge between investors and scientists/entrepreneurs.

We focus on our customer’s innovative technology and further develop their ideas for research and development projects in a convincing grant application. We include elements such as market potential, socio-economic impact and strategies for commercialisation. An essential aspect of this process involves establishing collaborations between various parties. This is intended to bridge any knowledge gaps within the project and to give the project a solid chance of success after the grant has been awarded. The ultimate goal is to present a convincing subsidy application to the subsidy providers in collaboration with various parties. In this way, financial resources are made available for the implementation of the project, bringing the technology one step closer to implementation. In summary, it is a very dynamic process where you get an insight into all corners of the technological innovation process, specifically for innovation within the life sciences.

The inspiring aspect of my work stems from bringing together and collaborating with diverse parties, each an expert in their field, to shape and win a project, bringing us closer to the realisation of innovation. Making the potential of the innovative technologies our clients are working on tangible, with improvements in clinical outcomes and cost savings in healthcare as tangible results, is incredibly motivating. Securing grants means not only impact for a company but also for the future patient.

In my work I engage in inspiring conversations on a daily basis with individuals who envision changing and enhancing the world and healthcare, and I think that’s cool! These individuals are constantly innovating and approaching the world witch creativity and a commitment to improving lives. I don’t just have these inspiring conversations with customers; my colleagues are also experts in their field, and we work closely together. Yes, you do have to manage your own project, but you do it together with others. This embodies teamwork in its purest form. We celebrate every win or successful completion of a project with each other vigorously.

Catalyze is a modern organisation that genuinely encourages thinking outside the box and values and motivates such thinking in its employees. You’ll be entrusted with significant responsibility and the freedom to shape your work. Simultaneously, there’s close support for your growth, with a focus on your individual learning goals. From day one, your voice is heard, giving groundbreaking technologies the opportunity to thrive and potentially reshape the market and the healthcare system. How cool is that!”

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