Social activities

Having fun…

Since Catalyze was founded, one thing remains the same, our commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, which continues to drive our growth as a company. Another commitment that has not changed is to celebrating our success! We work hard, and never forget the importance of enjoying our achievements together (and with our clients). We offer a range of social trips, events, and activities.

For example, in the beginning of 2023 we went for a 4-day ski trip to Austria with 52 of our colleagues, which was great fun! Each year we also organise a summer event and a Christmas party. We arrange regular trips away from the office too and large quarterly events to celebrate our progress through the year.

Keeping active…

Alongside our social activities we also have a number of sporting options for our colleagues. Together the Vitality Program creates enjoyable opportunities for us to be sociable and stay healthy. We also have a mixed football team playing weekly matches against other Amsterdam- based companies, in addition to holding yoga classes in the office, which provides a great chance to unwind and exercise after a day at the desk. In the office we also have the notorious Catalyze table tennis table, which has been the center of many spectacular post-work tournaments.