Social activities

Having fun…

Since Catalyze was founded, one thing remains the same, our commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients, which continues to drive our growth as a company. Another commitment that has not changed is to celebrating our success! We work hard, and never forget the importance of enjoying our achievements together (and with our clients). We offer a range of social trips, events, and activities.

For example, in the beginning of 2020 we went for a 5-day ski trip to Austria with 30 of our colleagues, which was great fun!

We have also held after work parties at the office, such as a (non-)alcoholic cocktail party hosted by our Founders, Theodoor and Jalal. We traditionally hold a Christmas sweater competition each year in the office, in 2020 of course this had to be adapted to something new.

We arrange regular trips away from the office too and we organize large quarterly events to celebrate our progress through the year. Think, canal cruises with pizza and prosecco!

Keeping active…

Alongside our social activities we also have a number of sporting options for our colleagues. The HR team have worked hard to create our new Vitality Program, which gives our colleagues several exercise options through regular yoga classes, and access to our new exercise apps, Sworkit and Ommetje. Sworkit provides our team with access to a large variety of exercise classes and programs, with engagement tracked across the whole company, and with Ommetje we encourage our colleagues to get out and go for a short walk each day, while also sharing their activity with the rest of the team.

Together the Vitality Program creates enjoyable opportunities for us to be sociable and stay healthy, while still abiding with Covid-19 restrictions. We usually also have a mixed football team playing weekly matches against other Amsterdam- based companies, in addition to holding yoga classes in the office, which provides a great chance to unwind and exercise after a day at the desk. In the office we also have the notorious Catalyze table

tennis table, which has been the center of many spectacular post- work tournaments.

Keeping connected in the pandemic…

Of course, during the pandemic we have adapted our social activities to ensure our colleagues still have every opportunity to socialize together. With this in mind, soon after office closure
Catalyze Unwind was established as a regular means to meet in groups after work online. This includes dressing up and joining a classic ‘borrel’ – from the comfort of your living room. For our most recent Unwind event, founders Theodoor and Jalal hosted a bingo evening with many contestants and lots of prizes! More regularly we hold coffee moments during the work day, where our great HR team places us into random groups, a fun way to meet our ever-growing team. We always hold a big Christmas party, this year we adapted this to a Christmas market (attended in small groups) outside the office, with a fire, tasting menu, glühwijn, hot chocolate and marshmallows toasted on the fire. Our usual competition was replaced by a Christmas decoration competition, which attracted over 40 photo submissions from our team showing part of their home over the festive period. The winner received the inaugural Catalyze Xmas Decorations Challenge Cup, which will be up-for-grabs again at the end of 2021!