Learn more about what defines your future colleagues

This is our team

We work hard, have each other’s backs, and support each other to grow and excel personally and professionally. We asked our colleagues to describe themselves, and four characteristics came up time and time again. We are dynamic, coming from a wide range of rich and diverse academic and professional backgrounds, together we always keep a positive attitude and are full of energy and ideas for the work that we do.

Our team have another thing in common, we are ambitious! Our ambition is directed towards our unified purpose: to remove the barriers to funding for life science and sustainable innovations. In addition, we support each other in our personal ambitions for growth. Also, we are young-at-heart: together, we nurture vitality through our shared enthusiasm and excitement for the meaningful impact we make for our clients. What else? We are innovative: thinkers and problem solvers, who thrive in working on cutting edge projects.

Does this sound like you? Then we would love for you to join the team at Catalyze.

Peter van den Berghe


‘My passion is to help shape innovative ideas into market ready products’

Soheila Jalali


‘It has always been my personal mission to make positive impacts on the state of human health and the environment. At Catalyze I get to do that every day by being involved in the early stage development of highly innovative ideas and working with inspirational scientists and entrepreneurs.’

David Alonso Amado


‘The best thing about working at Catalyze is to know that you are making real impact in the healthcare sector: a disruptive medical device, the launch of a new drug… in the future you will look back and realize that you contributed to make it happen’.

Tianli Qiao


‘Helping business to create impacts is something I have always strived in my career. Working at Catalyze, every day I am inspired by the highly innovative ideas and feel privileged to help empower their business potentials.’

Wouter Nuytinck


‘At Catalyze you are challenged every day, by working with smart and inspiring colleagues. You have the chance to develop your knowledge and skills and grow in the company.’