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In search of treatment for mitochondrial diseases

Eight years ago, Jan Smeitink looked at himself in the mirror and decided he was going to change the world. Today, Jan is the Chief Executive Officer of Khondrion and is starting Phase 2b clinical trials for his revolutionary drug, KH176 – which might well become the first treatment on the market for people suffering from the devastating mitochondrial diseases.

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Changing our world with Biodegradable plastics

Plantics is revolutionizing the future of biodegradable plastics with cost-effective and 100% renewable materials. Over the past 100 years, plastic production has grown exponentially, reaching over 350 million tonnes in 2018, with 99% of this plastic derived from oil. For this innovation, they were the winners of an FTI grant of €2.25 (for full consortium) and SME Phase 2 (now EIC) of €2M.

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