Working at Catalyze comes with the opportunity to create your own career path


My story at Catalyze began as a Life Sciences Consultant in 2012. Through my own ambition to grow and further my career, combined with the great opportunities for growth at Catalyze, I have been able to carve out my own career path leading me to my current position as Consultancy Director.

  • Consultant Life Sciences 2012-2014

    Science has always interested me, already from a young age. With this great interest in science I started the classical route following a Master and PhD in Neuroscience. Already during my studies I knew I wanted to be at the interplay of science and business. Led by my intuition I followed numerous business-related courses (e.g. Neyenrode Business University). After completing my PhD I directly continued my career at Catalyze. Almost instantly, I felt the excitement of the entrepreneurial mindset and the clear, unified purpose of my new colleagues. We shared the same feeling of wanting to make an impact for our clients, fuelling their innovation and helping them also to translate their science into business. Through this collective focus we were very successful, which led to the continual growth of the company. This allowed me to share my knowledge and passion for our work while providing training to new colleagues.

  • Team Lead Life Sciences 2014-2016

    After 15 months with Catalyze, in recognition of my skillset and my experience, I was offered a new challenge: to become a Team Lead for a group of multiple consultants. In this position I was able to grow into a managerial role, where I continued to build and share my knowledge, support team members, and, most importantly, inspire and motivate them to grow in their own personal development. Encouraging the growth of our colleagues is an integral part of working at Catalyze.

    Team Lead Life Sciences 2014-2016

  • Branch Manager Utrecht 2016-2020
    and Switzerland 2018-2020

    After developing my personal abilities in my role as a Team Lead, in 2016 I was given the opportunity to start Catalyze’s first branch in Utrecht.  With a group of 6 talented consultants we opened our doors on the 1st of January 2016. In my role, I was responsible for directing all operational aspects of Catalyze’s Utrecht branch, and determining and carrying out strategic plans for our offices. Although we met with many challenges, after combatting the first struggles of a small, remote, independent office, we managed to build into a successfull, growing branch operating with high profit margins. At the same time, we never lost the feeling of being one big team, and so we always celebrated our accomplishments with both our colleagues and our clients. Additionally, in 2018, the continued growth of Catalyze led to the opening of our Basel, Switzerland branch.

  • Consultancy Director 2020-present

    During my journey at Catalyze I have gained comprehensive knowledge of all the operational aspects required to successfully run our consultancy business. In my current role as Consultancy Director I am calling upon this broad knowledge base to prepare Catalyze for the next steps in its growth. In my role I am responsible for our consultancy organization, to drive and execute business operations strategies, plans and procedures and to set strategic goals that promote operational effiecency and company growth. As a growing company, we must constantly strive to improve ourselves and our brand and be a better leader in our field. In addition, we have to continue to motivate and inspire each and every one of our employees and allowing them to grow in both personal and business capacities.

    Consultancy Director 2020-present